I have more than 13 years of bioinformatics and systems biology research experience and have co-authored more than 44 papers in these areas. I also served as editorial board member for PLoS One and Peer J.

Cancer genomics

I have developed bioinformatics software for cancer personalized medicine utilising integrative large-scale NGS data.

  • Tumor suppressor gene database, TSGene .
  • Human oncogene gene database, ONGene .
  • Metastasis suppressor gene database, MSGene .
  • Coexpression network of long non-coding RNA in multiple cancers, LnCaNet .
  • Literature-based database for epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT), dbEMT .
  • Pediatric cancer gene database, PediCan .
  • Gene resource for animal regeneration in human cancers, REGene .
  • Gene resource for endometrial cancer, ECGene .
  • Gene resource for gastric cancer, GCGene .
  • Gene resource for colorectal cancer, gbCRC .
  • Cell senescence genes in human cancers, CSGene .
  • Literature-based integrative database for ovarian cancer, OCGene .

Other tools

I also developed bioinformatics tools for bioinformatics applications such as pathway visulization.

  • A simple xml-based tool for pathway editing and visualization, PathwayEditor .
  • Web server for copy-number variation, CNVannotator .
  • A maximum-entropy classifier based text mining tool for transporter-substrate identification, METSP .
  • Human Metabolic and Transport Networks, HMTN .
  • Database related to transporter substract, TSdb .
  • Human intelligence quotient-associated genes, IQdb .
  • Rate-limiting enzyme database, RLEdb .
  • Biological pathway subcellular localizaiton, PathLoc .