Welcome to Bioinfo-MinZhao!

This is bioinformatics website for Dr. Min Zhao. My current research interests are focussed on the identification of genetic mutations associated with key biological pathways in drug response, together with the development of bioinformatics software for identifying biomarkers for personalised medicine.

Who am I?

  • Min Zhao

    My PhD training on bioinformatics was undertaken at Peking University (world ranking 41). With a solid bioinformatics and systems biology background, I joined university of the sunshine coast (USC) as a USC research fellow in 2014. Before coming to USC, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Vanderbilt University (ranks 15th, National Universities in USA).

Research highlight

  • Pan-cancer mutational analysis

    Check out how many common tumor suppressors are available for multiple cancers using TSGene database.

  • LncRNA interactome analysis

    Identified common non-coding regulatory pairs across multiple cancer types, which may have translational significance for lncRNA-based biomarker development.

  • Cancer stage transition analysis

    The heatmap for the 11 cell senescence-related genes differentially expressed between stages III to stage IV in TCGA ovarian cancer samples


My citations

Whole exome sequencing on PAH

This work is a result of a successful collaboration between clinician and bioinformatician, which was just accepted by American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. By applying whole exome sequencing, we determined whether genetic variants differ in patients displaying differential response to calcium channel-blocker therapy in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) patients.